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Roland - TD-50KV - V-Pro Series 'Prismatic Sound Modeling' V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

The kit on the photo above is a standard Roland TD-50KV as seen on the Roland website, however I have expanded mine to it's maximum capacity with 3 extra V-Cymbal Crash cymbals, 2 extra V-Pad Toms and a Bar Trigger Pad.

This is my actual V-Drums configuration :

I also use the following additional drum hardware:

Logo Gibraltar Hardware

This is a 2017 picture of my a V-Drums kit in the 'Roland V-Drums Room' with 4 crash cymbals, since 2020 there are 5):


Photo Roland V-Drums Room


Actually, visually this is a hybrid between my original TD-30KV from 2013 with its metallic gray versions of the 13" hi-hat + 14" cymbals and a TD-50KV from 2017 with its black 18" digital ride cymbal (a TD-50KV has black cymbals) + its silver 14" digital snare drum (both kits come with black chrome toms). Technically this is 100% a full blown TD-50KV expanded to it's maximum capacity.

This drum kit is the top-of-the-line model from the legendary Roland V-Drums Pro Series and is praised for its realistic playability (especially with the addition of the 14" digital snare drum and 18" digital ride cymbal in 2017) and the unmatched sound quality of the built-in drum sounds generated by 'Prismatic Sound Modeling'. You can also load custom drum samples into the module and layer them with the internal sounds for truly unlimited sound possibilities.

The heart of the kit is the Roland TD-50 drum module, but it was upgraded to a TD-50X in 2021 through a software update, so the technical specifications listed are those of a TD-50X:


Photo Roland TD-50

Due to the available MIDI interface, the drum kit can also be used as a MIDI trigger for software drum samplers. It is possible to simultaneously record in Pro Tools the sound of one of the many drum kits present in the TD-50 drum module through eight separate outputs along with the electronic MIDI data generated by the Roland TD-50 drum module. This MIDI data can be further assigned to software drum samplers. Or you can also play drums live while hearing the sounds from the software drum sampler and record it as MIDI data in Pro Tools or Logic Pro X.

As software drum sampler we use Toontrack - SUPERIOR DRUMMER 3, the flagship of software drum samplers:


+ all SDX Expansion libraries fully installed
( = over 2 TB of drum samples)

SUPERIOR DRUMMER 3 SDX Expansion libraries:

Area 33 SDX
Area 33 Origin SDX
Custom & Vintage SDX
Death & Darkness SDX
Decades SDX
Fields Of Rock SDX
Hitmaker SDX
Indiependant SDX
Legacy of Rock SDX
Metal Machinery SDX
Music City USA SDX
New York Studios Collection Vol. 1 SDX
New York Studios Collection Vol. 2 SDX
New York Studios Collection Vol. 3 SDX
Orchestral Percussion SDX
Roots - Brushes, Rods & Mallets SDX
Roots - Sticks SDX
Stockholm SDX
Stories SDX
The Jazz Sessions
The Lost New York Studios SUPERIOR DRUMMER 2 Sounds SDX
The Metal Foundry SDX
The Progressive Foundry SDX
The Rock Foundry SDX
The Rock Warehouse SDX
The Rooms of Hansa SDX



Overall, in 95% of cases it is possible to play and record live the perfect drum track for your recordings. If necessary you can correct the recording afterwards, both in terms of performance errors and in terms of the choice of drum sounds


Photo Roland CM-220


There is also the Roland CM-220 CUBE Monitor - 2.1 Monitor System for Electronic Instruments. This is a 200 watt sub-woofer and two 60 watt satellite speakers, specially designed for the high dynamic range of electronic musical instruments. It presents a very realistic drum sound in the recording room including a correct stereo imaging. So it is not necessarily required to play the drums with headphones, now it can sound just as loud like a standard drum kit, or, if needed, much much louder .The speakers can also be used to give a bit more power when using headphones (for example just the sub-woofer so you can feel the kick).


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