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For many years I did pre-sales demonstrations, technical installations and after-sales support for Millsaudio in Antwerp, at that time one of the main dealers of Pro Tools in the Benelux. When this partnership was over, I started my own dealer-independent Pro Tools User Support Service for users of Pro Tools.

The Pro Tools User Support Service is limited to users of Pro Tools | HD and Pro Tools | HDX hardware from digidesign or AVID, but in practice the user support also applies to users of older Pro Tools systems. This is because I have a lot of experience with these older systems and it seems that this knowledge is starting to get lost in time.

This is an overview of the Pro Tools systems I provide user support for:

All the systems listed above must be installed on Apple computers


The Pro Tools | HDX professional user support focuses on Pro Tools | HDX users with a Pro Tools system that no longer works properly, which your AVID dealer has no ready solution for and you can't resolve the problem yourself. Then there are two possibilities: either the defective Pro Tools system comes to me, or I go to the defective Pro Tools system.

In the first case, the defective Pro Tools system will be installed here at the studio, with or without the use of parts of my Pro Tools systems (for example I/O interface, displays, cables). There should be agreed to in advance on what has to be brought with you. The prices charged are the same as renting studio time.

In case that I need to come on site to try to solve the problem, the same rates apply. In this case I will need to charge additional costs for transport




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